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02.03.2013, 21:40

Arma 3 - Going live March 5th 2013 (Alpha release)

So, everyone here should be familiar with Arma by now and also the fact that the next installment to the series is being developed alongside with Dayz Standalone and both are coming closer to their release. Arma 3 is going to be available to play next Tuesday when the public Alpha starts. Access to the Alpha can be obtained by buying it for 25 euros (or similar price in other currencies, also other more expensive editions can be bought) from Steam. It will give you access to Alpha and Beta and also act as a preorder for the full game. The Alpha will have multiplayer and full modding support, so it should be loads of fun. The price will go up when Beta is released and will rise again when the game is released, so I'd call 25 euros for a game like this a pretty good deal. :thumbup:

I haven't played DayZ or Wasteland in a long time, because I got bored with them. Usually when I've been in the mood for DayZ (which happens rarely now) I haven't found any good servers to play on, they have usually less than 20 players which makes them boring. Wasteland servers are full, but the game mode itself has become boring for me (also the performance issues with multiplayer is really annoying). When I have rarely played anything related to Arma 2, I have mainly played Arma 2 coop or singleplayer campaigns like the FDF mod. So this makes me really excited about Arma 3.

That being said, is anyone else from MyDayz looking forward to Arma 3 Alpha release and are you getting it when it goes live?

Along with my excitement for Arma 3, I am also really looking forward to DayZ Standalone. I hope that comes out before summer, because my service in the army starts in July and that would mean next to no gaming at all for a year. Would really suck if they'd release it after July, because I would miss a lot of that initial rush and after a year I don't think everyone would be as excited about it as I would be. I just want to explore it without being the only noob in it lol. :pinch:

But yeah, what are your thoughts on Arma 3?

Some links:
Arma 3 Alpha info
Arma 3 website


05.03.2013, 16:09

The game is out! Here are some videos:

2013 Sneak Preview Trailer

Dslyecxi has really good videos about Arma 3 like these two:

Did someone from here get the game already? What do you think about it?


06.03.2013, 14:30

When is Wasteland going to be released for Arma 3? I just don't see a reason to purchase it with Day Z as a standalone and no Wasteland mod

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06.03.2013, 16:07

When is Wasteland going to be released for Arma 3? I just don't see a reason to purchase it with Day Z as a standalone and no Wasteland mod

I believe there's already some versions out (a friend told me about 404 wasteland). The Arma3 devs said that it should be fairly easy to port mods over to arma3. It's using the same engine after all. | Community Management | like myDayZ on facebook & follow us on twitter


06.03.2013, 17:29

Arma 3 system requirements seem lower than Arma 2's (rofl)
Can anyone share performance info?

"All war is deception"
Sun Tzu


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06.03.2013, 17:39

Arma III has the same mod support. I think some modder will release a kind of DayZ and Wasteland soon. | Community & Abuse-Management | myDayZ Community-Hive - Gameserver - Wiki - F.A.Q. | like myDayZ on facebook & follow us on twitter


06.03.2013, 17:44

Wasteland is still out there P )

Man sieht sich auf ne Coke oder ne Kugel :D


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06.03.2013, 22:20

Arma 3 system requirements seem lower than Arma 2's (rofl)
Can anyone share performance info?

The game itself feels a lot smoother and it responds very well to user controls. It really feels you control the character now. But I'd say there are some issues with the performance at this point. Arma engine is very heavy on the CPU (atleast that's what I hear people tell me all the time), but the game does not utilize the cores properly and that results in bad fps. Also the drop in fps caused by servers is pretty huge currently, because you might get 60 fps in singleplayer, but in multiplayer you would get only 10-20 fps. These things are not new to Arma and I think the server caused fps drop for example is very familiar from Arma 2. But still, Arma 3 @ 30 fps feels still more responsive and smoother in my opinion than Arma 2 @ 60fps.

Things like antialiasing, ATOC and shadows have a huge impact on the performance of the game. By turning off AA and shadows, your average frames could rise like 60 fps. So further optimization is needed. It's good to remember that the game is in Alpha and many things will improve and change.

Overall I am very happy with what they've done. If you put aside all the technical problems and limitations for now, the game itself is very well done. Sounds, graphics, etc all feel so awesome. The game world is mad beautiful and I spent like 40 minutes just flying around the Stratis island (the main island Altis won't be featured in Alpha) with a little bird and looking at the beatiful design.

The game has a huge potential, so I hope improvements are made in the right places.

EDIT: Almost forgot, I am running the game with these specs:

CPU: 2500K @ stock (I'm going to overclock it back to somewhere around 4.2-4.5ghz where it was and see what kind of impact it has)
Video: GTX 660 Ti 2GB
RAM: 8GB 1333 DDR3
HDD: Samsung F3 1000GB

It depends on where I am and what is happening, but I'd say with high graphic settings, AA turned off and Shadows at Normal my fps is ranging between 20-60 (I have VSync on), average being somewhere near 30-35. If that kind of variation could be eliminated and the optimization improved I'd be very happy. Time will tell.

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06.03.2013, 23:01

Keep in mind that since it's an Alpha, their focus lies on features and the game itself, rather than optimization and whatnot.

FPS is terrible in multiplayer, it goes anywhere between 10 and 100 for me depending on who's doing what. I do agree with Thaddeus that the game feels smoother then ArmA2 did. | Community Management | like myDayZ on facebook & follow us on twitter


07.03.2013, 12:46

Thanks for the info. Will be checking out the cracked version first so I don't spend my money on a game that I can't play :)

"All war is deception"
Sun Tzu


07.03.2013, 16:28

Everyone who bought the game will also get an invite key to send for someone else. It gives access to a "lite version" that doesn't have multiplayer or modding support, but would probably serve as a good way to see how their rig handles the game before buying anything. Those keys are given to people March 14th, so you don't necessarily need to download a cracked version if you got someone that can give you one. Though it doesn't really make too much of a difference where you get it for testing purposes in my books.