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25.06.2013, 12:41

STG-Clan DayZ Origins Server onine RIGHT NOW

Hello dear Origins-Fans,

today I'd like to introduce you to our new DayZ Origins Server, which just came up some days ago.

We are currently looking for active Clans and solo Players to get our server filled up and make a good gaming experience.

What do we offer you?

- New Server giving everyone that starts NOW equal chances
- Active & mature Admins who won't abuse their admin rights
- Regular Server restarts (We are currently discussing if we want 4h or 6h restarts as 6h would make the day-duration a lot longer
- 500 Slot fully licensed TS3 Server where you can meet new people, talk with friends and even get you your own Clan-Channel created - just talk to us.
- A server which is up to date at any time and good to play on, hosted by GTX

What do we require off of you?

- Be nice in chat
- Follow the normal Server rules (No Logging in Combat, No Flaming etc.)
- Have fun :)

Server IP:

Also if you have open questions you can either post them here or come join us in TS3 at:

Teamspeak IP:

I hope to see you ingame soon.

Best Regards

STG-Server Admin