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06.01.2015, 18:05

LastResort Origins with new database 06.01.15

I would like to introduce LastResort Origins Server to you, with a fresh database built up on 06.01.2015

But first of all why another Origins Server?

After several weeks of joining servers in order to take a look about how the players and admins behave, we decided to set up a server on our own. There are a lot of servers out there, indeed, but we feel that they have too much flamers, hilarious big squads and admins who don not take their own rules that serious.

Many of you maybe remember the old servers and how they have been managed and we will try to go in that direction:

- friendly and fair behaviour among each other
- like a small community, know your fellow players, enemies and so on
- a server free from admin abuse or strange decisions

As long as you and your mates don't belong to a massive squad, know how to behave like an adult and you are willing to solve your problems via board or TS, you are invited to play with us:

Name: LastResort [NEW DB 06.01.15][SSD][Trader:ON][Lock:OFF][active admins][max weight][EU]

As soon as some players have settled down, we will set up a whitelist.

  • HumanityPush is forbidden
  • Dupe, Hack, Glitching, Bugusing is forbidden
  • don't use Sidetalk
  • no disrespectful names
  • behave like an adult
  • no flaming in sidechat
  • englisch or german in sidechat

I hope to see some of you guys around there.
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