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20.12.2012, 03:54

Wastelanding (videos from Arma 2 Wasteland)

I'd like to share some things with you guys that have happened to me while playing and recording Arma 2 Wasteland. :)

First video:
Yesterday me and my friend joined a Wasteland server and it turned out to be a pretty awesome experience. At one point we were buying food and medical kits from Zelenogorsk when an APC turned up. The gunner took some shots at my friend, but decided to leave us alone and head off. Couple of minutes later the APC guy asked in global chat who were the guys at the store and boasted how we were so lucky that they had a place to be and had no time for us. We laughed at him and continued our journey. Not long after, we drove past that same APC and it had flipped over to the side of the road, while the guys were doing something around it. We started laughing in Teamspeak, while they took shots at us and killed my friend. I went around this big field, left our UAZ in a bush and proceeded to move closer to them on foot. Finally when I got to them, they were trying to flip the APC back to its wheels by pushing it with trucks. So what did I do? Took out my RPG and this followed:

It was a great feeling to get that guy. He even started crying in the global chat after that. What a first kill it was. Would be great to see MYDAYZ Wasteland server after this kind of experiences. I think many would enjoy this mod/mission, very refreshing after playing so much DayZ. :)

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23.12.2012, 05:05

I was playing some Wasteland mod/mission yesterday and during a heli objective, while I was covering fellow OPFOR members with my sniper, this one guy showed up and I shot him (while editing, I noticed that he is someone from the forums also :D) and the death animation was pretty crazy. Thought I'd share it here:

I guess that would make sense, if the shot had landed on his ass. :S

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23.12.2012, 16:51

Nooooo, my face! How could you :( | Community Management | like myDayZ on facebook & follow us on twitter


23.12.2012, 17:08


Are you guys busy during the holidays? I could finally join you guys again now when my holidays begin. :p

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23.12.2012, 21:11

We've never really been busy. Get on it tonight or tomorrow, and we'll exchange steam or something as well. | Community Management | like myDayZ on facebook & follow us on twitter


24.12.2012, 19:31

I was going to come today, but looks like this 'little' visit of mine to see relatives and all this other hazzle today took a bit longer than I thought. Well, I'll pop in tomorrow to see if you are on. If not, I'll pop in the day after tomorrow and so on.

It's 8:30 PM now and I still need to drive my grandfather home so that's going to take another hour or two. :S

Anyways Merry Christmas :P

~ Mr. Busymanalsorunningoutofexcuseslolfml

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